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Commercial Cleaning Technology

Service by Medallion is keeping up with the latest science-proven technologies that enable us to deliver hassle-free cleaning solutions and ensure the safety of people who use the facilities we serve. By combining over four decades of field experiential knowledge with the latest tech, we increase the value of your investment in maintenance exponentially, and we lower your cost.

In our industry, technology is applied to cleaning tools and equipment, management controls, and customer-facing and maintenance systems. Contact us to learn how the following examples can benefit your specific need.

Service Validation and Tracking

Service Validation and Tracking

Transparency and accountability define our Service Delivery Team. Through a robust suite of applications, Service by Medallion equips field staff with easy-to-use technology to capture building deficiencies, manage supply inventory, track completion of critical tasks, conduct virtual tours, and provide customers with a 360-degree view of our program at their specific location.

Air and Surface Treatment

Air and Surface Treatment

Medallion is the distributor of one of the most advanced commercial air purification systems and surface treatment technologies created to date. Our commercial air purifier technology utilizes UV-C, Carbon, and HEPA filtration to create powerful disinfecting molecules that scrub the air and treat surfaces ozone-free. This FDA-cleared technology can deliver a higher level of protection to building occupants while supplementing your cleaning program.

Electrostatic and Fogging

Electrostatic and Fogging

Electrostatic and fogging technologies when used correctly can be effective at killing pathogens and inactivating viruses (including COVID-19). A certified cleaning technician sprays a mist that spreads across surfaces evenly and wraps around surfaces underneath, ensuring proper surface coverage and chemical bonding. The contact-free application process means no cross-contamination or movement of bacteria from one surface to another and is highly effective in hard-to-reach areas.

Long-Lasting Chemical Treatment With Electrostatic Sprayer Service

Long-Lasting Chemical Treatment With Electrostatic Sprayer Service

Medallion offers an antimicrobial coating and surface protectant that provides continuous protection from bacteria and microorganisms for up to 90 days in certain applications. This technology provides an additional layer of protection after cleaning and disinfection. It is administered with an electrostatic sprayer to ensure it is evenly applied on high-touch surfaces in your facility, thereby reducing the need for constant wiping.

Sanitization, Decontamination and Disinfection

Sanitization, Decontamination and Disinfection

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of future pathogen outbreaks, Service by Medallion offers a range of services that are focused on high-touch areas as well as common areas and targets killing 99.9% of pathogens that are present on a surface. Medallion uses U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered products that leave no harsh fumes and eliminate odors in these types of applications. We even have plant-based, environmentally friendly solutions that are safer to use in your facility.

Artificial Intelligence and Sensors

Artificial Intelligence and Sensors

Machine learning and analytics continue to gain market applications in our industry. Service by Medallion offers a robotic waste sorting process to track analytics to help customers understand the kind and volume of waste that is going into their bins and transform their facility into a smart building on its way to zero waste.

Finally, customers can say goodbye to smelly manual waste audits! In addition, Service by Medallion offers smart waste management technology to track the use of supplies in restrooms and common areas, and even to provide contact-less occupant temperature screening in addition to visitor count. When combined with Medallion’s High Performance Green Cleaning Program, custodians can get real-time alerts when supplies are running low so you don’t have to run out of toilet paper.

Why Do You Need Commercial Cleaning Technology Services?

Technology has improved the cleaning and janitorial industries in multiple ways. With the advancement of new technologies, tasks that took much longer to complete by hand can be done quickly or through automation.

Technology improvements have also allowed professionals like ours to increase their multitasking capabilities in the workplace. Our crews can often perform multiple tasks at the same time or in quick succession.

Additionally, our new commercial technology is more environmentally friendly than older equipment and cleaners. It’s also less disruptive, making it faster for our teams to go in, quickly finish the job, and get out so you can get back to work.

Other reasons you need commercial cleaning technology include:

  • Improving employee morale: When you have a clean work environment, your employees will notice, helping them feel better and increase efficiency.
  • Keeping up appearances: Most workers or clients want to enter a clean work environment that looks nice and inviting. Cleaning technology helps you achieve that goal with little extra effort.
  • Increasing health and safety: Many cleaning technologies focus on keeping your workers safe from germs and illnesses, such as COVID-19, the flu, or allergies.
  • Enhancing cost-effectiveness: Cleaning technology offers an efficient and affordable way to get high-quality cleaning services you can rely on.
  • Preventing new issues: Using technology can help prevent the buildup of mold or mildew and avoid damage to your furniture, equipment, and other assets.
  • Adding convenience: Cleaning technology and services from professionals take the process out of your hands, giving you more time to focus on your job while our team handles the rest.

Benefits of Working With Us

Service by Medallion offers numerous services using high-quality commercial cleaning technology. We can service multiple industries and building types, including offices, educational facilities, corporate campuses, construction projects, and startups.

Our goal is to use our technology and other services to create a safer and healthier work environment that helps you maximize efficiency.

Whether you want to take extra precautions against COVID-19 or make other improvements to your cleaning measures, we are prepared to build a plan that suits your needs and allows you to scale up as necessary. We provide real-time responses to your questions and any sudden needs.

Trust that we have the knowledge and technology to provide cleaning services you can trust. Additional benefits of choosing Service by Medallion include:

  • Our expertise in the latest technology and market needs.
  • Our reliable janitorial crews willing to take on various jobs.
  • Our leadership position in environmental stewardship.
  • Our award-winning services.
  • Our 45 years of experience.

Service by Medallion provides free quotes for all our services. We also offer bundling options that allow you to choose more than one service and create a package that helps you save money.

Choose Service by Medallion for Commercial Cleaning Technology Services

If you are searching for a company with high-quality technology in the cleaning industry, look no further. Service by Medallion offers several technology options to help you boost efficiency and create a safe, healthy work environment. Call our team at (833) 385-0415 to schedule an appointment today!

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I hired Service by Medallion almost 4 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The crew we have for our LEED Platinum building is professional, caring and responsible and we’ve had the same crew for at least 3 years now. Our building was brand new when we hired them and it still has the same look and feel today! Their management and sales team are equally professional, always ready to listen and resolve any issues swiftly and seamlessly. Now that we are SIP aka working from home, SBM continues to support us with special requests on the occasional cleaning and restroom services for the essential personnel. I can’t ask for a better partner to get us through these tough times. Thank you SBM team!

- Ruth C

We have been a client of Service by Medallion for 3 years and we have had nothing but positive experiences with the Medallion team from the janitorial staff to upper management. In addition to excellent customer service with rapid response times, they are very proactive in anticipating and calling attention to issues which might arise at our properties. We appreciate that they never come to us with a problem without presenting possible solutions. Medallion also provides innovative solutions to ensure that our properties function at optimal levels while keeping us informed of developing cutting edge technology in the industry. The team has been highly adept at pivoting during the Covid 19 crisis and continues to assist us in these protocols. We would recommend Medallion without reservation!

Betty S
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