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Our consistent, high-quality services make us stand out from our competition. With technology, 45+ years of cleaning industry experience, and management control, we customize facility solutions and deliver what we promise.

Service by Medallion offers leading facility maintenance and building cleaning services across the United States. Some of our services include janitorial services, building repairs and maintenance, and construction support among others. Our focus is on solutions that have been customized to fit your budget without sacrificing your business’ needs. Our services are supported by a team of trained professionals who have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to ensure safety and efficiency, from beginning to end.

Project Management & Consulting Services

Part of what sets us apart is our project management team, who exists to assist you with project-based work. Our goal is to provide you with support to streamline your project operations and making sure that staff members stay on track, on budget, and schedule. With over 45 years of experience in the business, Service by Medallion is more than happy to lend its expertise to organizations who need guidance in project management and implementation in the areas of small construction and building maintenance.

With over 45 years of experience, Medallion can provide project management and consulting services to organizations seeking cost-effective guidance for project management and implementation in relation to building maintenance. Our commercial project managers succeed by maintaining high standards of excellence and providing planning, project management, and financial oversight for new and existing construction projects and renovations. Our focus on the environment has also grown with us, allowing us to act as green building consultants who can help improve your business’ efficiency in:

Waste Management

Our waste management services reduce the amount of materials your commercial building sends to landfills and improve recycling convenience. Depending on your specific needs, your waste management plan may involve:

  1. A material flow plan.
  2. Easier waste separation.
  3. Reduced use of waste-producing products.
  4. A plan for collecting and storing waste materials.
  5. Scheduled take-back services.

Water Retrofits

Based on your current water efficiency levels, our facilities project manager may suggest a complete replacement of your fixtures or a few slight adaptations. In addition to reducing the amount of wastewater your building produces, our water retrofits offer benefits such as:

  • Reducing utility bills: By retrofitting your appliances, you will immediately see a reduction in your utility bills to improve your bottom line.
  • Avoiding repair costs: Replacing your appliances sooner rather than later can prevent costly repair expenses. If your new appliances do experience an issue, your warranty period may cover the fix to save you even more money.
  • Improving efficiency: Retrofitting your appliances also improves their overall efficiency, which can enhance daily business operations.

Plumbing Retrofits

Retrofitting commercial plumbing can help your business save money while reducing environmental impact. Some suggestions we may offer to retrofit your facility include replacing faucet aerators and toilets for more efficient appliances. Since retrofitted appliances use less water, your business will reduce utility bills for greater profits. Making it clear your company has retrofitted its plumbing also shows your employees and customers your business is taking action toward creating a greener workspace and improving its image.

Energy Retrofits

Service by Medallion has helped companies experience significant energy reductions while improving their operational stability through energy retrofits. Some of the energy retrofit solutions our facilities management consultants may employ at your company include:

  • Remove incandescent light bulbs to reduce wasted heat.
  • Install ENERGY STAR-certified office equipment.
  • Utilize motion detectors to turn off lights automatically.
  • Implement high-efficiency tools and equipment to lower the risk of overloading your electrical circuits.

LEED Compliance and Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most popular rating system to determine if a building is environmentally friendly. A commercial building with LEED certification signifies a healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving facility. We will provide solutions such as retrofits and management services to help your facility meet strict Green Building Certification Institute standards and assist in the LEED registration process.

With four decades of experience, Service by Medallion is dedicated to connecting with businesses and providing them with facility maintenance and building repair services.

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Service by Medallion offers world-class sustainable commercial cleaning services. Our project management and consulting services can provide the support you need to ensure your building operations are successful. You can count on our maintenance project managers to help you complete every job safely and efficiently.

Using our services can also help you boost your building’s appearance to improve your public image. Our decades of experience in facilities maintenance project management make us a reliable choice to help improve your facility’s environmental efficiency while ensuring your workspaces look it’s best.

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