Commercial Cleaning Services

The quality and consistency of our services set us apart from our competitors. With management control, technology, and over 45 years of industry experience, we customize your facility’s solution & deliver what we promise.

Commercial Cleaning Services and Building Maintenance

At Service by Medallion, we believe in providing the most advanced and thorough commercial building maintenance and professional janitorial services possible. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all cleaning approach. Every industry and facility has unique cleaning and maintenance needs, so we create a customized plan built for your business and workplace. From commercial cleaning services to professional building maintenance, we are a partner you can count on.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether you are a single office building occupant, a tenant or in a corporate campus, a medical clinic or a medical school we deliver professional commercial cleaning services that create healthy work environments. From sustainable cleaning products and the technology of our equipment to our client service portal, we offer the most advanced comprehensive commercial services.

We use sustainable cleaning products and recyclable supplies that are eco-friendly, and we help clients comply with programs like USGBC LEED, the Well Building Standard, and more. Our sustainable green cleaning services reduce volatile organic compounds and germs while ensuring a safer, healthier commercial environment that speaks volumes about your company’s values.

At Service by Medallion, we offer a full range of services to maintain your facility’s professional appearance. Our reliable and skilled janitorial crews offer their expertise to protect your facility’s assets and help increase employee productivity and customer retention. We provide day and night cleaning services so your building can receive the best commercial maintenance services at a time that meets your needs. Our staff works with you to ensure we understand your requirements for specific rooms or areas.

Commercial Cleaning Services include:

Janitorial Cleaning

Day or night, from floors to ceilings, we keep your facility clean, healthy, and looking its best with commercial janitorial services. Our professionals ensure your surfaces, from tables and desks to floors, receive efficient and effective disinfecting and sanitizing. We also use industry-best practices to clean other fixtures, like windows and light furnishings.

Every business operates on different schedules, so we provide janitor cleaning services at night or during the day. Our flexible scheduling ensures your space is attractive for guests and employees while giving our janitorial staff the space to do their best work.

Day Porter

Porters are specialized janitorial staff that keep up with basic cleaning and maintenance tasks during the day. If you require ongoing day cleaning, our porter service is the ideal solution. Our day porters keep your public areas and offices clean at all times, promoting a healthy workplace for employees and guests.

Day Cleaning

Not every facility needs or wants overnight services. That’s why we provide day commercial cleaning services. We keep your facilities clean during the day without interrupting your business’s flow. Our janitorial services ensure your facility remains clean and sanitized so you can focus on business-critical tasks.

Floor and Carpet Care

Floors and carpets in commercial facilities can quickly become unsightly and in disrepair. Our floor and carpet services deliver clean, maintained, and presentable floors week after week.

Our cleaning crews perform regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. We can also ensure your hard floors stay up to date with stripping and waxing services periodically. Overnight cleaning services keep your floors and carpets clean for a positive first impression for customers and employees.

Window Cleaning

Interior and exterior, our window cleaning service helps increase the visual appeal of your building as well as allows more natural light to shine through. Regular window cleaning can minimize damage to your windows caused by scratches, dirt, and dust accumulation. Our specialized technicians employ best practices to clean these surfaces efficiently while extending their life span.

Cleanroom and Regulated Controlled Environments

Our professionally trained crews understand the delicate nature of keeping controlled environments clean and maintained to your standards. Depending on your specifications, our staff will use industry-leading techniques and advanced equipment to ensure your highly regulated and controlled rooms receive fully integrated cleaning services.

Café, Kitchen, and Break Room Cleaning

Dining areas and break rooms become dirty quickly, but our experienced janitorial crews can get them clean even faster. Our staff offers commercial janitorial cleaning services for all your dining and break areas. We will leave the surfaces disinfected and sanitized and the floors swept and mopped every time.

Restroom Cleaning

From employee bathrooms to public restrooms, you can count on us to keep them sanitized and pristine. Whether your restrooms are in an office, school, or medical facility, we ensure they receive specialized attention to keep them clean. Our janitorial commercial cleaning services include the toilets, counters, sinks, mirrors, and floors to help maintain a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for your employees and patrons.

Specialty Cleaning Services

Every business or commercial facility has unique cleaning requirements, and we have the resources and knowledge to meet those needs.

Our commercial janitorial services are recognized for sustainable cleaning and innovative practices, and we are proud to have earned many awards from highly regarded organizations.

We also provide each client with extensive support features for streamlined facility management:

365 Connect

Your dedicated cloud-based customer service platform delivers real-time service tracking, reporting, and more. Our platform keeps you up to date with the personalized services you receive. Ongoing service tracking is valuable for maintaining cleaning schedules, aligning with budgets and introducing new services as the need arises. Access this information at any time to stay informed about your Medallion services.

Service Delivery Executive

Your Service Delivery Executive ensures you get 24/7 immediate access to solutions and answers. When you choose Service by Medallion as your commercial cleaning company, we pair you with an account manager who is responsive and offers a personalized experience to meet your needs.

Medallion University

Our training program goes beyond OSHA SB198—at Medallion U, we focus on safety, advanced cleaning techniques, and superior customer satisfaction. All our crews have extensive training to ensure your facilities receive expert cleaning every time. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality services, so we equip our staff with the knowledge and skills to successfully clean all types of commercial spaces.

Advanced Commercial Cleaning Services for Modern Facilities

Service by Medallion’s commercial janitorial services rely on technology and science to ensure everyone who enters your facility experiences a safe, clean, and healthy environment. As part of our commitment to being a reliable partner for all your maintenance services and janitorial needs, we stand by our rigorous hiring practices, professional training, and advanced cleaning processes.

Count on Medallion for commercial janitorial services that help boost the appearance of your medical building, school, or office. Maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing facility is critical to ensure your customers, employees, patients, or students have the best possible experience.

Learn more about how we can help your facility or business with comprehensive commercial janitorial services by contacting Service by Medallion.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to have a conversation with you. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please Contact Us and we will be happy to speak with you.

Our hiring department looks for talent, professionalism, and honesty in all our candidates because that’s what it takes to fulfill our promise to you. From E-Verification processes to a range of background checks, every team member on our staff is fully vetted and professionally trained.

Service by Medallion’s commercial services are available immediately in certain emergency situations. For ongoing commercial cleaning services, our risk-free Transition Program can take up to 30 days to fully implement. No matter when you need us, Medallion is ready to help.

Yes. We are Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) certified to professionally clean commercial carpet per the manufacturer’s requirements. From your carpet warranties to its appearance, our commercial carpet cleaning covers all the bases.

From floor to ceiling, Medallion provides commercial janitorial services for nearly every need, including furniture, office chairs, and upholstery. We take dingy, stained seating and transform it into fresh, clean seating that looks and feels better for your employees and customers.

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