Commercial Cleaning Services

Service by Medallion: Commercial Cleaning Services and Building Maintenance

At Service by Medallion, we believe in providing the most advanced and thorough commercial building maintenance and professional janitorial services possible. But we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all cleaning approach. Every industry and facility has unique cleaning and maintenance needs, so we create a customized plan built for your business. From commercial cleaning services to professional building maintenance, we are a partner you can count on.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether your facility is an office building, medical clinic, or corporate campus, we deliver professional commercial cleaning services that create healthy work environments and a sparkling clean. From green cleaning products to the technology of our equipment and client service portal, we offer the most advanced comprehensive commercial services available. 

We use sustainable cleaning products and recyclable supplies that are eco-friendly, and we help clients comply with programs like USGBC LEED, the Well Building Standard, and more. Our sustainable green cleaning services reduce volatile organic compounds and germs while providing a superior clean for a safer, healthier, and more presentable commercial environment that speaks volumes about your company’s values.

Commercial Cleaning Services Include: 

Janitorial Cleaning

Day or night, from floors to ceilings, we keep your facility clean, healthy, and looking its best with our commercial janitorial services.

Day Porter

When you need someone to keep your facility clean and presentable throughout the day, we have you covered with professionally trained day porters.

Day Cleaning

Not every facility needs or wants overnight janitorial cleaning services. That’s why we provide day commercial cleaning services for around-the-clock building maintenance.

Floor and Carpet Care

Floors and carpet in commercial facilities can quickly become unsightly and in disrepair. Our floor and carpet services deliver clean, maintained, and presentable floors week after week. 

Window Cleaning

Indoors or out, our window cleaning service makes your facility shine and allows more natural light indoors. 

Cleanroom and Regulated Controlled Environments

Our professionally trained teams understand the delicate nature of keeping controlled environments clean and maintained to your standards. 

Café, Kitchen, and Break Room Cleaning

Dining areas and break rooms get dirty fast, but our experienced janitorial teams can get them sparkling clean even faster. 

Restroom Cleaning

Everyone appreciates a clean restroom. From employee bathrooms to public restrooms, you can count on us to keep them sanitized and sparkling clean. 

Specialty Cleaning Services

Every business or commercial facility has unique cleaning needs, and we have the resources and knowledge to meet those needs. 

Our commercial janitorial services are recognized for sustainable commercial cleaning and innovative practices, and we are proud to have earned many awards from highly regarded organizations

We also provide each client with extensive support features for streamlined facility management:

365 Connect

Your dedicated cloud-based customer service platform delivers real-time services tracking, reporting, and more. 

VIP Account Manager

Your VIP Account Manager ensures you get 24/7 immediate access to solutions and answers when you need them.

Medallion University

Our training program goes beyond OSHA SB198—at Medallion U, we focus on safety, advanced cleaning techniques, and superior customer satisfaction.  

Commercial Cleaning Technology

Medallion’s new commercial cleaning technology includes state-of-the-art equipment and a scientifically-proven approach to provide advanced services, accountability, and reporting. 

From janitorial technology to the latest tracking software, you can count on us for the most modern methods for your commercial needs, including: 

  • Service tracking, validation, and reporting for the ultimate in service 
  • Advanced air and ultraviolet applications for air and surface purification
  • Electrostatic and fogging processes to safely kill pathogens, including COVID-19
  • Long-lasting, safe, antimicrobial chemical treatments to protect against bacteria and microorganisms for up to 90 days
  • Eco-friendly and EPA-approved sanitation, decontamination, and disinfection processes to kill 99.9 percent of pathogens

Advanced Commercial Cleaning Services for Modern Facilities

Service by Medallion’s commercial janitorial services rely on technology and science to ensure everyone who enters your facility experiences a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Our commitment to being a supportive and reliable partner for all your maintenance services and janitorial needs includes rigorous hiring practices, professional training, and advanced commercial cleaning processes. 

Learn more about how we can make your facility or business a better place with comprehensive commercial janitorial services by contacting Service by Medallion

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