Painting Services

Painting your commercial building every 3 to 5 years ensures it is aesthetically pleasing while continuing to reflect your business brand colors.

When you choose Service by Medallion for your commercial painting services, you will have access to an experienced painting crew who will work with you to find the best painting options for your building, brand, and budget. We proudly serve a range of commercial businesses such as corporate campuses, medical facilities, and educational institutions.

Elevate Your Commercial Property With Service by Medallion

At Service by Medallion, we understand that commercial painting is more than changing the color of a wall or adding a fresh coat of paint. Repainting your commercial property can breathe life into an older building and invigorate your employees and customers.

Our commercial painting contractors undergo extensive training and education to provide superior painting services. Whether you want to repaint one room or an entire building, our crew has the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional services on schedule.

Painting your commercial building can help maintain or increase its property value. If you want to entice new customers or make your space more inviting for employees, trust the Medallion staff to address your concerns.

Our Sustainable Commercial Painting Services

Being an environmentally conscious company is more than using green painting supplies and techniques — it is a mindset. At Service by Medallion, we utilize environmentally friendly practices in all areas of our business, such as choosing ecologically friendly paint options or using proper disposal methods to limit the negative effects of wastewater. Some of our sustainable office building painting practices include:

  • Safe disposal: Our commercial painters never dispose of excess paint or paint thinner by washing it down the drain. We pack extra materials into secure cans before bringing them to a hazardous waste disposal site.
  • Waste elimination: If more than half a gallon of paint remains after completing your project, our crew will save and use this can of paint for another project. 
  • Zero-VOC paint: Our crew uses zero-volatile organic compound (VOC) or low-VOC paint. We also avoid using alkyd-based paints when possible.
  • Environmentally friendly prep: Instead of using a chemical primer, our commercial painters treat walls with green products based on condition and location of the walls. This environmentally friendly method lowers the risk of chemical exposure for a healthier environment for all inhabitants. 

Contact Our Commercial Painting Company Today

Service by Medallion offers superior painting services for commercial spaces of any size. We will help elevate your company’s image with quality paints while reducing your carbon footprint due to our sustainable practices. You can count on our cleaning experts to enter every job with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

Our commercial building painting services are a great way to keep your structure looking vibrant for years to come. We have over 40 years of industry experience, making us a reliable choice to keep your workplace safe and clean.

Complete our online contact form to schedule your commercial painting services. We proudly serve clients nationwide and look forward to helping you improve your business’s appearance.

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