Energy Retrofits Consulting

At Service by Medallion, we offer energy consultant services focusing on efficiency and retrofitting. Our aim is to help you get a cleaner, safer, and healthier work environment with our various maintenance services.

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Our Services

Our crew will analyze your buildings’ mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to see where there is room for improvement. We will look at your insulation, HVAC equipment, and air leakage to determine the current energy use of each building.

With a clearer picture, we can start developing a retrofit plan to improve energy usage, reduce wasted energy, and save your company money. Our crew will also look into any financial incentives available for businesses using these solutions.

To that end, we will also assist with implementing energy efficiency solutions by helping you commission retrofits and offering additional advice.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency Consulting

Energy retrofit consulting with Service by Medallion makes it easier to find the right solutions for energy efficiency.

  • Decrease operating costs: Energy consultations and retrofitting help lower energy bills, reducing overall operating costs.
  • Preserve the environment: Energy efficiency benefits everything, from your business costs and operations to the planet’s health, because you only use the energy you need and lower carbon emissions.
  • Improve indoor comfort: Energy efficiency also improves the indoor environment, both in comfort and air quality, helping increase employee productivity.
  • Increase energy efficiency: Retrofitting your existing energy systems lowers wasted energy and helps you get more from the energy you use.

Trust us to develop a strategic plan for maximizing energy efficiency with retrofit services.

Why Choose Us

We have energy efficiency consultants with deep technical knowledge of the industry. Their expertise allows them to examine your energy systems and develop solutions that increase efficiency and help with cost savings.

Our goal is to get our clients all the services they need. We develop a plan that will meet your current requirements and can scale up as necessary.

Service by Medallion cares for the environment and currently has three Green Advisors on our crew. We also are a dedicated partner you can trust to provide real-time responses to your urgent needs.

We use technology to give you long-lasting and measurable solutions for your energy systems. Additional benefits of working with us include:

  • Our 40 years of experience.
  • Our experts you can rely on for peace of mind.
  • Our award-winning janitorial and consulting services.
  • Our leadership in environmental stewardship.
  • Our knowledge and needs of businesses across the entire U.S
  • Our value-added services that improve your workplace function, safety, and appearance.

We offer free quotes and bundle box services that allow you to get several of our services wrapped into one package to save money.

Choose Service by Medallion to Be Your Energy Efficiency Project Manager

When you need energy efficiency and sustainability consulting, Service by Medallion is here to help. We take pride in being an environmental leader that finds solutions that improve energy use and efficiency in your workplace. Please call our crew to schedule an appointment for our services today.

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