A New Consumer Device Could Be Powered by Materials In Your Junk Drawer

A New Consumer Device Could Be Powered by Materials In Your Junk Drawer

As the world continues its rapid transition to more sustainable energy sources, it’s no exaggeration to say that lithium-ion ore batteries are powering the world. They’re not only used to run electric cars but also enable energy from renewable sources such as solar or wind power to be stored and then released when customers need them most. And they’re integral parts of products we use every day, including phones, laptops, tablets, and power tools. Not surprisingly, the demand for lithium-ion batteries has risen exponentially in recent years, from 0.5 gigawatt-hours in 2010 to approximately 526 gigawatt hours a decade later. And according to Bloomberg, demand is projected to increase 17-fold by 2030. But what are we going to do with all the old batteries when they can’t be used anymore?

Recycling Batteries for a More Sustainable Future

Service By Medallion is partnering with a recycler that has come up with an innovative end-of-life solution for all kinds of batteries, not only the ones that power electric vehicles but also the smaller lithium-ion batteries inside rechargeable devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, power tools, electric toothbrushes, and wireless headphones. Recycling technology can recover up to 95 percent of the materials in a lithium-ion battery, including nickel, cobalt, copper, aluminum, lithium and graphite. Eventually, we may be able to convert most of the world’s battery production to use recycled materials. This will significantly reduce the need to extract new materials which is often hazardous for front-line workers and consumes large amounts of natural resources.

According to nature.com, one-third of the world’s lithium currently comes from salt flats in Argentina and Chile, where the material is mined using huge quantities of water in an otherwise dry area. In China and Australia, battery-grade lithium is produced by exposing the material to very high temperatures, which consumes large quantities of energy.

Service By Medallion is here to work with you in educating your employees on the benefits of battery recycling. We can assist with:

  • Creating staging areas throughout your facilities so that employees can bring in lithium-ion or other ore batteries for recycling
  • Organizing brown bag lunches to educate employees about overall waste management
  • Creating consistent signage so employees understand what can and can’t be recycled
  • Collecting the used batteries and sending them to the recycler.

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