Facilities Managers, Look Smart and Save Money With These 3 Waste Management Tracking Technologies

Tracking Waste Management Has Never been so Smart: Here’s Some Technologies You Should Consider

Engineers and technological manufacturers are continually upping the ante on waste management solutions. Through technology and innovations that rely heavily on the Internet of Things (Iot), there are 3 key developments you should know about.

  • Smart waste bins
  • RFID tracking
  • Blockchain technology

Let’s begin by exploring what could be the most exciting addition to recent waste management innovations: smart waste bins.

#1 Smart Waste Bins

It seems safe to say that retrofitting bins with smart sensors will become a common practice in years to come. It’s a surprisingly easy tool to implement for tracking waste in your facility and improving efficiency.

As research has shown, smart sensors in bins can relay data back to software for close monitoring. The technology does this through smart garbage monitoring systems which use “ultrasonic sensors to detect the waste level and also compare it with the level of the waste container’s depth.”

But how is this groundbreaking or important?

Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, smart trash bins have the potential to revolutionize waste management for many cities. And what we can apply to cities on a larger scale, we can also scale down to our facilities with a close level of success.

#2 RFID Tracking for Managing Waste and Assets

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and many maintenance professionals already use it to scan and gather data on integral systems within buildings.

But did you know that “RFID technology is being used more and more as a way to track containers and verify service.” According to Waste 360, it is extremely easy to use and powerful for tracking waste bins by scanning the RFID tag.

And because of this ease of use, as a facilities manager, you can use RFID with Carpet, lighting, signs, HVAC equipment, and most relevant, cleaning equipment and waste bins!

#3 Tracking Waste With Blockchain Technology

This one might seem like a head scratcher, but experts are using blockchain technology as a viable solution for many waste management problems around the country.

The same technology that brought us Bitcoin has been a useful platform for tracking assets on a supply chain basis. It’s also driving initiatives in recycling.

So, as a facility manager, keep an eye out for blockchain being a major player for future recycling and waste management operations in your facility.

Concluding Thoughts

With waste management being as pressing a need as climate change these days, we should welcome every solution possible. As the Environmental Magazine points out, “The average American produces about 254 million tons of trash in a year and recycles or composts around a third of it.”

So with all of this said, consider adopting new waste management technology in your facilities. You will not only increase efficiency, but you will also help save the environment.

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