Case Study: Mitigating a Complex Odor Issue in a Corporate High-Rise

By: Elias Nacif, Executive Vice President

The Challenge: An unhappy Facilities Manager battling an intrusive odor in a large corporate campus.

The Solution: Leveraging the expertise from our advanced OptiHealth cleaning specialists.


Within a corporate campus spanning over 2 million square feet, a displeasing odor suddenly spread through 2 floors of its 11-story high-rise structure—the source, unknown. Despite exhaustive quality inspections conducted over several days, the elusive origin of this foul odor remained hidden. It wasn’t until weeks later that the scent was traced back to its unexpected source: a deteriorated sewer pipe within the building walls. The degradation of this pipe had progressed to the extent where its walls had ruptured, liberating copious volumes of volatile organic compounds into the surrounding air.



Proposed Resolution: A Strategy to Swiftly Enhance Indoor Air Quality

In response to this challenge, Medallion swiftly devised a comprehensive plan to restore the indoor air quality. Firstly, our expert teams recommended treating the carpets with an enzymatic cleaner to neutralize any residual odors lingering within the fibers. Additionally, in areas more severely affected by the malodor, we advocated for the application of a Thymol-based disinfectant to thoroughly sanitize and deodorize the spaces in a sustainable fashion. Furthermore, recognizing the urgency of the situation and the ongoing presence of executive meetings in the space, we advised the temporary implementation of advanced air and surface treatment technologies, through the deployment of Aerus Pure Clean systems. The quick comprehensive approach deployed overnight would effectively eliminate volatile organic compounds from the air, fostering a fresher and healthier indoor atmosphere for building occupants.

Engagement Invitation: Join Us in Contemplating Alternative Approaches

If this scenario resonates with your own organizational challenges, we invite you to engage with us and explore potential alternative strategies to solve similar issues. Together, let us navigate the complexities of indoor air management, ensuring optimal comfort and well-being for all occupants.

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