Medallion’s Mobile Technology Compiles All the Information FMs Need to Track Cleaning and Maintenance Services


Facility Managers often cite poor communication and a lack of transparency as two of the biggest issues when evaluating their commercial cleaning or facility maintenance provider.

Service by Medallion’s mobile technology and analytics platform makes it easy for any of your employees to create service requests from their smartphones, simply by uploading a photo.

Employees are empowered to report virtually any cleaning, maintenance, or safety issue in a matter of seconds. These can range of building deficiencies to safety concerns. From spills to minor repairs to restocking of hand sanitizer/wipes or any other supplies, site workers including service contractors can serve as an extension of a customer’s facilities team surveying improvement.

In order to assist pipeline and task accountability, Medallion’s system is setup to automatically send out updates when the service request is received, staff is assigned, and the project is completed. Tracking the average time between submission of a request and completion is a good measure of the performance of a facilities maintenance team.

Medallion’s Technology is Fully Customizable to Meet the needs of any Facility Type

Medallion’s Technology is easy to set up—all you need to do is provide us with a set of floor plans. The system works in general office space, manufacturing, hospitality, life science and any other type of facility. The system creates a virtual map of each floor so that every report is tied to a specific location within the building, accurate down to the nearest square foot.

The data gathered by this technology can help solve issues that may not be detectable in a building management system. For example, in one facility users reported issues with the temperature in certain areas of the facility. The Facility Manager was able to trace the path of the HVAC system, and tie the reports back to one air handler that had been improperly serviced.

The app has an intuitive layout that makes it easy for employees to select the appropriate category when submitting a workplace request and gives Facility Managers greater control in creating a custom view to meet their own unique needs.

Our mobile app is only one of the ways that Service by Medallion delivers “best in class” industry-leading programs through real-time response, innovation, performance analytics, technology, and expertise. Give us a call at (650) 625-1010 to get a quote or just find out more about our comprehensive commercial cleaning, facility maintenance, and staffing services.

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