Onsite Generation Will Save You Money, Time, and Chemical Use

As a Facility Manager, you face a never ending battle to minimize the amount of chemicals used within your buildings. Across the board, green initiatives and technologies have become the focal point of major organizations.

Yet, to follow LEED standards to a T, onsite generation cannot be ignored.

If you are familiar with onsite generation or already utilize it within your facilities, we’d still suggest reading along as a refresher for just how important the technology can be.

What Does Onsite Generation for Cleaning Products Mean?

Onsite generation for cleaning products is a technique that utilizes electrolysis for the purpose of making powerful green cleaning products for facilities. This is done through an onsite generation machine that mixes a degreaser, deodorizer, and disinfectant solution to be portably dispensed inside the facility.

Electrolysis, in particular, involves using an electric current in water to change the chemical composition of the ions. Or, in other words, to apply electricity to the right chemical mixture to produce both sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid.

When you combine both, they act together as effective disinfectants and general purpose cleaners – all without the harsh chemicals utilized in most commercial solutions.

The machines usually take the form of either a wall mount or a portable “caddy” that your cleaning professionals can wheel around to provide a stable cleaning solution for every facility surface.

The Cost-Saving Benefits of Onsite Generation

You can expect to save a considerable amount of money when using onsite generation. Although the upfront cost of the machine might seem harsh at first, the portability, convenience, safety, and effectiveness of generation pays for itself.

  • Your occupants will be healthier and not subjected to the harsh cleaning chemicals found in typical commercial mixes.
  • Storing large amounts of chemical solutions will become a thing of the past, freeing up a lot of space.
  • Ease of use and convenience to generate any amount of product you need for your facility without having to wait for a shipment.

There’s also the reduced associated cost of transporting and shipping the usual shipments and bulk orders of chemicals from third parties. Instead of accruing the usual logistical costs, you have the convenience of being in charge of all cleaning product generation.

Become a Green Cleaning Leader in the Industry with OSG

There has been an added emphasis on sustainability and green practices over the years. To organize your facility to deliver the best experience for all occupants means following best practices for comfort, safety, and sustainability. onsite generation is a guaranteed win for protecting the environment.

  • You will help cut down on the overall production of commercial cleaning solutions – those that result in high carbon emissions.
  • Your use of OSG can become a shining example for other facilities looking to find creative ways for greener facilities.

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