Why Smart Sensors in Restrooms Save Time and Money

Gone are the days of paper checklists hanging from the front of your restrooms. Not only is technology becoming more of a mainstay in facilities management, it, along with Big Data, is also at the forefront of supply and smart dispenser considerations for restroom stocking and cleaning.

Let’s briefly explore sensor and smart dispenser tech and how it can contribute to a positive user experience for all facility occupants – and also, how it can save time and money as well.

Smart Sensors and Dispensers in Restrooms

When it comes to sophisticated stocking systems for your restrooms, smart sensors and dispensers are inextricably linked. Through the Internet of Things, bathrooms now have ‘smart’ functionality, meaning they can connect to other systems across a shared network: for data collection, analytics, and real-time feedback.

Common examples of restroom sensors in real facilities include:

  • Smart sensors and tech for leak detection
  • Sensors inside of paper towel and toilet paper dispensers for easy employee tracking of how much product is left
  • No-touch dispensing for germ-free delivery – soap, paper towels, and more
  • Sensors that track occupancy and overall traffic

Positive User Experience and Business Perception

When it comes down to it, the occupants are the most important factors in any facility-driven decision. Their safety and overall experience leads to a positive workplace culture and productivity. Restrooms can either make or break the success of a building.

By fitting your facilities with smart sensors and dispensers, you provide the occupants with a streamlined experience. Restrooms will always be stocked, soap dispensers and water will work ergonomically well, and data will drive the overall flow of maintenance and cleanliness.

It’s easy to understand just how important occupant user experience is if you look at the opposite spectrum: a dirty and poorly maintained restroom. Overall, restrooms reflect a baseline cleanliness of a facility.

Save Time and Money with Smart Restroom Sensors and Dispensers

Overall, you will save time in the long run if you adopt the necessary technology in your restrooms. Think about the time it takes to check every soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser. While checking one wing of your building, the first restroom at the other wing might have just run out of soap. During flu season, unwashed hands can mean trouble.

That is a hyper-specific example, but generally, smart sensors mean you can strategically hit bathrooms based on data derived from each individual sensor and plan routes based off of that. Do not forget that smart restroom sensors give you a more accurate picture of when to order supplies to ensure your facilities are always stocked.

But even more tangibly, time saved means money saved. You can save a lot of wasted labor just by implementing basic sensor and dispenser tech.

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