Why You Should Optimize Your Facilities with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We have recently discussed the exciting technological areas of IoT and waste management tracking for facilities management. Continuing along the same line, we will explore the powerful opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) can bring to facilities management.

There is no replacement for a friendly, capable, responsive person in any facility. But there are areas where AI can increase productivity, produce smarter metrics, actually save a lot of money within your facilities while supplementing your existing program.

Let’s explore how this is possible.

Machine Learning with AI for Productivity

You have probably heard of the term “machine learning”. This simply has to do with software that, over time, ‘learns’ how to optimize itself to reach a certain, defined goal. It does this by automated algorithms that search for patterns.

What does this have to do with facilities managementthough?

If you’re already measuring key performance indicators or have a lot of metrics in place for each facility, AI (through machine learning) can help you find patterns in data that would otherwise be hard to notice. As Rita Tatum of Facilities Net says, “Machine learning can help make sense of the vast amount of data that buildings produce.”

In your facilities, AI (through machine learning) can mean:

  • HVAC systems that are smarter and ‘learn’ to adjust for more savings. This leads to less energy consumption and greener buildings.
  • Greater prediction of equipment malfunction and maintenance.
  • Sensors that track high-traffic areas and produce optimized schedules based on cleaning demand.

Predictive Maintenance Through AI

Utilizing AI and machine learning, the more data that algorithms have to analyze, the better the predictions and the smarter your team is credited for being. That’s the power of the tech! This can all be applied to predictive maintenance realm of facilities management to reduce repair costs.

To fully integrate AI, you can connect data predictive measures through IoT networks and have data that organizes itself, across all connected devices in your network.

Consider what IoT World Today has to say on how AI saved White House Utility District (a top water and sewer utility) a lot of money: “The organization cut water leaks from approximately 32% to 15%. The savings in water resulted in millions of dollars. “But they also cut data management way back.”

To further illustrate this point, AI in Marketing puts it like this: “the real value of AI in FM is seen from analyzing historic and real-time data to identify correlations between existing performance and potential malfunctions.”

Automation: A Tool to Free up Time for Customer Service

And last, but surely not least, having smart algorithms organizing data in the background frees up team members for higher quality customer service. Because there is so much data to gather through analytics, a lot of time can be saved through the pattern recognition power of AI.

In an increasingly connected world by the day, AI will make a huge impact in facilities and will free up time for the human interactivity that helps facilities flourish.

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