chart showing costs decreasing by bundling building services

Why Service by Medallion is Much More than a Cleaning Contractor

For decades, most cleaning contractors in California have offered one service: they cleaned buildings. While this met the needs of most Facility Managers for years, times have changed.

Now Facility Managers are looking for cleaning contractors that can provide not only cleaning but also a variety of other building services. Having one source for a number of services not only makes their lives easier, but also saves time, reduces paperwork, and often saves money.

How can it save money?

Because the cleaning contractor is already servicing the building, they can package or “bundle” these additional services into the daily cleaning. Very often, this results in more cost-effective charges for Facility Managers — better than they could get elsewhere.

Some of the services Service by Medallion is most frequently asked to perform for our clients include the following:

Commercial building repairs: This covers a multitude of services, from fixing and replacing ceiling tiles, patching and painting, and changing light bulbs, to fixing cracks, repairing carpet and hard-surface floor, and addressing light plumbing needs, to installing and removing dispensers.

Moving, storage, and reconfiguration services: Thanks to open workspaces, popular in so many facilities, today’s office environment is always changing. Because of this, Facility Managers often need to call on people to move furniture, store furniture, remove and rehang wall hangings, and install or remove shelving. One call to our office typically takes care of the full list.

Event staffing and preparation: Many of our clients have special seminars and training events not only for their own employees but for their customers as well. To help make these events a success, we offer setup and break-down services, packing and unpacking services for event displays, furniture and chair assembly, and more.

Project management and consulting: This has become one of our most important services for our clients. Not only do we assist our clients on project-based work, so that building modifications and construction stay on track and on budget, but we also make sure any changes made to the facility are in compliance with local regulations, meet LEED requirements, and incorporate sustainability initiatives. These initiatives help ensure the facility operates as efficiently and cost-efficiently as possible once the project is completed.


Put Service by Medallion to work for you. For more information on this topic or help with any building cleaning and operating need, contact a Service By Medallion Business Solutions Specialist at (650) 625-1010.

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