Another New Approach to High Performance Green Cleaning

At Service by Medallion, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to sustainable building maintenance. Our Cleaning for Health Program (CHP) is made up of a number of resource-efficient products and strategies that reduce the amount of chemicals we use in daily operations.As part of our High-Performance Green Cleaning program, we’ve begun implementing an innovative solution that turns tap water and oxygen into a cleaner, sanitizer, and deodorizer that kills up to 99.999% of germs. Onsite Generation creates this cleaning solution through electrolysis by adding an electrical current to cold water to change its chemical composition.Some of the advantages include:

  • Its An All-Purpose Solution: Onsite generation replaces most sanitizers, deodorizers and all-purpose cleaners, as well as more specialized cleaners used for stainless steel, carpets, and glass.
  • Use it Everywhere: It can be applied to all surfaces, including carpets, stone, marble, ceramic, glass, mirrors, bathrooms, stainless steel & chrome, TV monitors, computer screens, appliances, white boards, hardwood, and vinyl.
  • No More Supply Orders: The solution is created on-demand in a small dispenser that fits easily into any janitor’s closet. There’s no need to store chemicals on-site and no danger of running out of supplies due to supply chain issues.
  • Its Good for the Environment: This cleaning solution exceeds Green Seal Standards (GS-37 and GS-53) as an industrial cleaner. There’s also no waste to be disposed of, since our cleaning solution reverts to oxygen and water after it finishes interacting with the dirt and germs on your surfaces. And there’s no wasteful packaging.
  • Its Completely Safe: This process is approved by the EPA, FDA, and USDA and is used by industry leaders in healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality, airports, and office buildings.
  • Great Cleaning Results: Onsite generation purifies the water it uses by removing selected minerals to improve cleaning performance by approximately 15%, according to standardized testing.
  • Cost Savings: The process costs less in the long run because you no longer need to order manufactured cleaning products.

If you’re looking for a solution that delivers great cleaning without any of the hazards of traditional cleaning chemicals, give us a call at (833) 987-2031 to get a quote or just find out more about our comprehensive commercial cleaning, facility maintenance, and staffing services.

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