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With over 40 years of experience, Service by Medallion has provided dedicated facility services and building maintenance programs to the greater Bay Area. We operate under the idea that we are professionals serving other professionals. We understand what you want and need to maintain your business and thrive for continued growth. Our mission is to provide dedicated cleaning and maintenance services that promote a safe, healthy working environment while maintaining cost-effectiveness and value. Read on to learn more about how Service by Medallion can help your business in Milpitas and surrounding communities.

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Janitorial Service and Maintenance Supplies in Milpitas

Service by Medallion is committed to providing comprehensive janitorial services and maintenance supplies, specializing primarily in high performance green cleaning. Our rug and floor equipment is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute, while our cleaning products are Green Seal certified. This all indicates that our products contain minimal volatile organic compounds while eliminating cross-contamination, ultimately ensuring a healthier workplace.

Our cleaning products and equipment meet and exceed the industry’s environmental standards, which guarantees that we can reduce your carbon footprint and maintain environmental responsibility without sacrificing efficient, quality cleaning.

Temp Staffing and Facility Services in Milpitas

Service by Medallion offers professional facility services and temp staffing that is designed to streamline business operations and simplify service contracts. When you need seasonal hires or other temporary workers, Service by Medallion makes the process easy with our own team of workers who are already trained and certified. This eliminates the costly process of hiring and training temporary staff or facility workers and ensures peace of mind.

Construction Support in Milpitas

After an office remodel, extension, or other construction project, Service by Medallion offers professional construction support services to clean up messes and help your business return to normal. We have an in-house construction support team with the tools and knowledge to maintain safety and efficiency during the post-construction cleanup process.

Building Repairs in Milpitas

As a certified general contractor, Service by Medallion can provide support for building repairs and tenant improvement projects. Our team of in-house technicians is trained and equipped to perform routine preventative maintenance. Some of our technicians can also be staged on-site for 24/7 assistance.

Consulting and Project Management Services in Milpitas

Service by Medallion is happy to share all of the knowledge that we have gathered in over 40 years of industry experience. We can guide businesses and help them thrive in a growing competitive atmosphere. Our main emphasis is management and implementation of programs related to building maintenance. We can provide support for areas related to sustainability, including waste management, building retrofits, resource management, and LEED compliance and certification.

Why Choose Service by Medallion?

Service by Medallion has been certified by some of the top organizations in the business, and we continue to serve businesses and organizations within the greater Bay Area community. If you have questions or need help with any building maintenance services, please contact us today.

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Service by Medallion has served the Bay Area for over four decades as professionals helping other professionals. Our commitment to efficient,

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