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Service by Medallion in Pleasanton, CA

Service by Medallion has provided comprehensive building maintenance services to the entire Bay Area community for decades. As professionals helping other professionals, we understand the difficulties of maintaining a property and cater to your specific needs to help your business thrive. With a focus on efficiency and eco-friendly processes, our mission is to provide a clean, safe, and healthy environment through high performance green cleaning, responsive customer service, and unbeatable value. Read on to learn more about our building maintenance services in Pleasanton and surrounding communities.

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Janitorial Services and Maintenance Supplies in Pleasanton

Service by Medallion offers a wide range of janitorial services, including high performance green cleaning, flex cleaning, periodic maintenance, and restocking your maintenance and cleaning supplies, all with your health and eco-friendly processes in mind. All of our cleaning solutions are Green Seal certified, which designates sustainability and reduced environmental impact. These cleaning products contain fewer volatile organic compounds, allowing for a safer, healthier workplace environment and reduced employee absenteeism. We combine the right tools, equipment, processes, and training to reduce your environmental impact and uphold greater overall sustainability.

Consulting and Project Management Services in Pleasanton

With over 40 years of knowledge and expertise in the building maintenance industry, Medallion is happy to share its experience through cost-effective consulting and project management services. We can guide East Bay organizations and businesses in program implementation and management with a particular focus on sustainability. This includes waste management, building retrofits, and LEED compliance and certification.

Facility Services and Temp Staffing in Pleasanton

Through our East Bay facility services and temp staffing, Service by Medallion aims to provide several solutions to simplify service contracts and streamline your own service offerings. We can provide you with a pool of experienced workers that already have the expertise and training to help you with general facility services, moving, cleanup, event-based employment, attendants, and more.

Construction Support Services in Pleasanton

Equipped with the right tools and expertise, our construction support team can provide aid when you need construction cleanup. Using sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaning products and tools, we can provide quick and efficient cleaning services after an office remodel, addition, tenant improvement, or other construction project, ensuring your business’ health and safety and allowing for a return to proper workflow.

Building Repairs and Maintenance Services in Pleasanton

As a general contractor, Service by Medallion provides skilled building repairs and maintenance services to East Bay businesses. We specialize primarily in tenant improvements and repairs designed to improve the property asset and maintain greater safety and wellbeing. We have a team of in-house facility technicians who are trained and accredited to provide routine preventative maintenance. We can also stage our technicians on-site to give you 24/7 access for your maintenance and repair needs.

Why Choose Service by Medallion?

Service by Medallion has a commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. We are members of the U.S. Green Building Council and are certified by several respected organizations, including the ISSA CIMS-GB, which not only signifies our commitment to sustainability, but also allows us to consult other companies on how they may gain points toward a LEED certification. We are also winners of Acterra’s Business Environmental Award. Most importantly, we are committed to the Bay Area and want to contribute our skills to businesses and organizations in the area to create even greater positivity and progressiveness within the community. Contact us today if you have questions or need our building maintenance services in Pleasanton and surrounding areas.

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Service by Medallion has served the Bay Area for over four decades as professionals helping other professionals. Our commitment to efficient,

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