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Manufacturing facilities, medical offices, and commercial properties in Santa Clara are challenging enough to manage without taking care of cleaning and maintenance in-house. Service by Medallion does business in Santa Clara just like you, so we understand the unique responsibilities of running a company and managing facilities. That makes us uniquely qualified to support your business with efficient and affordable commercial cleaning and maintenance. Put our commercial cleaning services in Santa Clara to work in your facility or office so you can focus on running your business instead of cleaning and repairs.

From corporate campuses to commercial office buildings, Service by Medallion takes the hassle out of facility management and commercial cleaning. If you want to spend more time growing a business and less time managing a facility, then streamlined, professionally managed commercial services are the answer. Call 800-427-2250 or use the form below to learn more about how our janitorial services in Santa Clara can help you grow your business.

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    Commercial Cleaning in Santa Clara You Can Count On

    While professional office cleaning or facility maintenance may seem like just another expense, when you invest in creating a clean, healthy, well-maintained environment, everyone wins. You protect your property, and your employees and customers will appreciate the efforts to make your business a better place.

    Service by Medallion not only cleans and sanitizes, but we also minimize our impact by using environmentally preferred cleaning products and processes. That means we remove more dirt and germs while decreasing the number of toxins introduced during cleaning and maintenance services. When your business needs commercial services, why not choose a partner that gets the job done while fostering social responsibility?

    No matter what your commercial cleaning and maintenance needs, Service by Medallion has you covered:

    Janitorial and Maintenance Supplies in Santa Clara

    Service by Medallion also provides the supplies and tools required to get the job done right for all your in-house cleaning and maintenance needs. From environmentally responsible and safe cleaners and disinfectants to lighting and plumbing parts, we’ve got you covered. In addition, we streamline ordering and tracking your commercial cleaning and maintenance supplies. With Medallion 365 Connect, you get on-demand access to our streamlined ordering and delivery system, so you have everything you require exactly when you need it.


    Temp Staffing and Facility Services in Santa Clara

    Projecting business volume in uncertain times can be tricky. You want to maintain sufficient staffing for influxes of business, but you don’t want the expense of paying for underused labor resources. We do business right here in Santa Clara, so we understand the challenges of maintaining a labor force. That’s why Service by Medallion created our temporary staffing and facilities services in Santa Clara. Whether your staffing needs are seasonal, temporary, or you need help long-term, our professionally trained and certified team members are ready to step in and get to work.


    Post Construction Support in Santa Clara

    Even the smallest remodel can leave a lot of leftover debris, dust, and other remnants that can interfere with operations. When you’re thinking of expansion or refurbishing your property, don’t forget about the aftermath and the resources you’ll need to clean it up. You don’t have to let post-construction cleanup impact your business longer than it should. Let Service by Medallion handle the disposal and dirty work and get your business back to normal quickly and safely.


    Building Repairs and Maintenance in Santa Clara

    As long as companies rely on buildings and commercial properties, repairs and maintenance, organizations can benefit from partnering with Service by Medallion for on-demand and ongoing maintenance. Whether you need a team of professional repair experts for a big project or on-site maintenance support, we can keep your property operating at its best.


    Consulting and Project Management in Santa Clara

    Forty years of commercial services have taught Service by Medallion the importance of environmentally responsible project management and consulting for commercial clients. When your business needs a company that can provide expert guidance for an important project, count on us to lead the way with:

    • Composting and Recycling
    • Waste Management
    • Resource Management
    • Sustainable Practices
    • LEED and other industry certifications


    Commercial Cleaning Technology in Santa Clara

    There’s no substitute when it comes to field-tested experience for providing the most reliable commercial janitorial services. That’s why Service by Medallion is dedicated to combining our proven commercial services with the latest technology. We’re committed to harnessing the power of technology to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective processes and tools for all our commercial services.

    Green cleaning initiatives and a comprehensive suite of commercial services are just some of what sets us apart. Whether you invest in commercial office maintenance, professional office cleaning, or other popular services, a dedicated Project Manager is standard equipment. Your Project Manager knows where things stand every step of the way and serves as an on-demand resource to keep you in the loop.

    While a Project Manager provides the support you need to stay on top of things, we also make it easy to check key performance indicators right from your computer. We constantly monitor efficiency, quality, and more—and we make accessing that information easy with an on-demand service platform.


    Commercial Cleaning With a Conscience

    Our team members live and work right here in the Santa Clara area and care just as much about community service as they do making your property shine. Everyone who works at Service by Medallion contributes to the awards and accolades that recognize us as the premier janitorial service in Santa Clara. Nevertheless, we all take special pride in our Medallion Cares community outreach projects. When you partner with us for your commercial cleaning services in Santa Clara, you’re also partnering with the communities you serve.

    Contact us to learn more reasons why choosing Service by Medallion for your commercial cleaning and maintenance needs in Santa Clara is a smart business move.


    Serving Santa Clara

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    We offer convenient and affordable facility management and janitorial services in Santa Clara and other nearby cities. From weekly commercial janitorial services to 24-hour maintenance services, we help businesses maintain cleaner and healthier environments in their facilities.

    Whether you need janitorial services in Santa Clara, across the Greater Bay Area, or even outside California, Service by Medallion might be closer than you think. As we continue to grow, we will strategically expand our coverage area and continue to focus on the most environmentally responsible commercial services. To see if we serve your area, just reach out to us via phone, email, or online.

    Even the most well-managed facility management program can run into trouble once in a while. We have been in the commercial services industry for over 40 years, so we’ve seen just about every kind of cleaning and maintenance emergency you can imagine. That’s why Service by Medallion offers on-demand options like same-day cleaning and 24-hour maintenance response.

    You expect a fair return for your investments, whether it’s in people, property, or facility management. That’s why Service by Medallion creates cost-effective, customized solutions for every client. The cost for commercial cleaning services in Santa Clara depends on the size of your building, the property’s condition, and your unique cleaning needs, but you can always count on fair and transparent pricing.

    Because quality, client satisfaction, and environmental responsibility are intertwined in our company culture, we commit to using cleaning and disinfecting products with the Green Sealed (GS) Certification. From the equipment we use to our unique approach to commercial cleaning, we do our part for you, the community, and our planet.

    The time we take to clean your property in Santa Clara depends on several factors. Building size, condition, and specific maintenance or cleaning requirements all determine how long your service takes. But you can rest assured knowing that Service by Medallion provides the most effective commercial services with minimal intrusion in your operation.

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    Service by Medallion has served the Bay Area for over four decades as professionals helping other professionals. Our commitment to efficient,

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